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Rebel Wilson on Why She Chooses to Be Single

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Rebel Wilson opened up about everything from overcoming her debilitating childhood shyness to getting naked on camera during a recent interview with the author of Pitch Perfect.

Mickey Rapkin, who authored the book Pitch Perfect on which the film was based, caught up with the actress for Marie Claire’s July issue cover story.

During a hike though Griffith Park in L.A., Wilson revealed she was extremely shy as a child, and that her mother used acting classes as a way of prying her out of her shell. “I was so unusually shy, bordering on a social disorder. So my mum – one day she drives me to this community acting class. I was holding on to the car door and crying. She had to peel me off the car. She’s like, ‘I’ll pick you up in two hours,’ And she left me.”

While she’s made incredible strides overcoming her shyness, Wilson said she might never be comfortable with taking her clothes off for the camera. While filming The Brother’s Grimsby with Sasha Baron Cohen, Wilson said, “They wanted full-frontal nudity. We write in the contract, specifically, ‘No nudity.’ They got in another girl – this larger burlesque dancer from South Africa – to be a nude double. And they got her to do all this stuff. Sacha would go, ‘See, she looks good.’ I’m like, ‘I’m not doing it. I don’t care what you say.’

That’s not to say nudity is completely out of the question – for the right role. “You want to know that the people [behind the camera] have a certain sensibility and decency,” Wislon explained. “And a lot of times in comedy they’re not those people.”

As for her dating life, Wilson revealed she might be a bit too independent for a committed relationship. “I’m very independent,” she said. “To the point where I’m too independent. If you’re a successful woman you want to find the right person, but you don’t necessarily need them.”

She added, “I don’t want to settle for someone if they’re not right but, because I get to do such awesome fun stuff all the time, I really want to share that with somebody. We’ll see. I’m definitely on the look out. I’m trying to put it out there, but I don’t know whether the right person is in Hollywood – you only meet actors or musicians here.”

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