(Courtesy: Olive Garden)
May 25, 2016 6:00 PM EDT

Just in time for beach body season, Olive Garden has come up with another way for you to eat mass amounts of carbs, sans unlimited breadsticks.

Meet the spaghetti pie, which the franchise’s executive chef Jim Nuetzi tells Buzzfeed is a “traditional Italian dish” that consists of mounds of spaghetti encased in a pie crust. It’s then smothered in cheese and sauce (either a seven-cheese mixture with bacon or a meat sauce, depending on whether you choose “meatball deep dish” or “chicken alfredo”) and baked.

In theory, spaghetti pie can’t lose — it combines two great and extremely comforting eating traditions: pie and pasta. However, if you’re not feeling it, fear not because Olive Garden also added two more breadstick sandwich combinations that are equally laden with sauces, meats, and cheese. You’re welcome.

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