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Rose Byrne Says the TSA Confiscated Her Breast Milk

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Federal officials confiscated a bottle of breast milk from Rose Byrne at an airport checkpoint, the actress told Stephen Colbert last week.

The Neighbors 2 star and new mother shared a photo of her encounter with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) with Colbert and viewers of CBS’s The Late Show on Thursday. “There’s a whole production going on. They take it very seriously that there could be something,” Byrne said. “I just stand there and smile and tell them that it’s really breast milk.”

“Do I have to get them out? What do you think?” she joked, motioning to her breasts.

The actress gave birth to her first child, a son named Rocco, three months ago. She told Colbert how she juggles traveling and being a mom by taking her breast milk everywhere. “It takes a long time to leave the house, maybe an hour, hour and 45 minutes just to get our the door,” she said. “You have to bring so many things with you — the bottle, this and that, and then you finally get out, he throws up everywhere or takes a big poo and you have to go back inside again.”

The TSA did not immediately return a request for comment Sunday.

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