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Bryan Cranston Has a My Super Sweet 60 Bash on Jimmy Kimmel

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He is one who pops off.

Breaking Bad alum and Emmy magnet Bryan Cranston turned 60 back in March, but he received a proper and elaborate celebration on Friday’s installment of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Cranston, who expertly transformed into President Lyndon B. Johnson in the HBO movie All The Way, embraced another great acting challenge on the late-night talk show, playing an overly entitled, immature, attention-hungry, dictatorial sexagenarian-to-be in “My Super Sweet 60,” a sparkling spoof of MTV’s shiver-inducing My Super Sweet 16 that included plenty of winks at his Walter White years.

In the three-part, 16-minute bit that plays like a minisode, Cranston is hungry for a party that is truly “turnt,” and will stop at nothing to get it, including terrorizing his mother and father, with whom he still lives in Canoga Park, California. “I swear to god if my parents make me plan this party like a poor person, I will lose my s—,” he tells the camera. “My s— will be lost. Bible!” He gets some big-thinking assistance from party planner/enabler Jimby Kimble, though Jimby incurs Cranston’s wrath as well (“You are the limp d— of ideas,” Cranston tells him). Luckily, Cranston’s BFF, Bob “B.O.” Odenkirk, is here for support, offering such helpful advice during the trying-on-outfits montage as “You look like a sleepy refugee” and “That hat is too hatty.”

As the budget spirals out of control for a party called The Brion King— it’s up to $650,000, excuse us, $650,137, when you include an appearance by Sisqo — tensions rise. And when “Former Child Star” Aaron Paul shows up in a similar lion outfit, Cranston becomes a threatened animal. To watch Cranston inhabit a character far scarier than Heisenberg —and to enjoy a Skinny Pete cameo and another surprise guest — watch this Sweet video.

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