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Arianna Huffington: Trump’s ‘Incomprehensible Babble’ Is Likely Due to Sleep Deprivation

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Huffington Post editor-in-chief and sleep enthusiast Arianna Huffington spoke at the Colby College commencement in Waterville, Maine, this weekend about the importance of getting enough rest, especially when you might become the leader of a country.

“People are congratulated for working 24/7, which is the cognitive equivalent of coming to work drunk,” she said. “But every quality involved in job performance—creativity, productivity, problem solving, the ability to collaborate—are all enhanced when you actually take time to recharge yourself.”

Huffington said this means that “the people who brag about only needing four hours of sleep are the ones you should be wary of, especially if they are running for president.”

“There is the example of the presumptive Republican nominee who brags about how little sleep he gets and how he always sleeps with his phone beside him. And what effect does that have? Well, for starters, the ability to process even basic information.”

Huffington also said that “mood swings, anger outbursts, emotional instability, the regurgitation of incomprehensible babble and of course the occasional retweeting of Mussolini” might also be actions Trump took because of sleep deprivation. “Except perhaps about the retweeting part, that is just pure Donald Trump.”

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