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Battle of the Bathroom
Why the fight for transgender rights has moved into the most intimate of public spaces

Stall Tactics

In the history of public bathrooms, politics and rights have often collided

Donald Trump, the Astute Salesman, Has Captured and Targeted America’s Mood: Nostalgic

He has done a stunning job of repurposing the past as the future

Bryan Cranston Talks Walter White, LBJ and His Own Political Ambitions

The ‘Breaking Bad’ star won’t rule out a ‘Better Call Saul’ appearance

I Left My Art In San Francisco

A stunning new expansion by SFMOMA has transformed the City by the Bay into a premier destination for art

How the Sykes-Picot Agreement Helped Make a Messed-Up Middle East

The 100th anniversary of the Sykes-Picot agreement comes on May 19, marking a century that helped shaped the Middle East

High-Concept Chelsea a Sign of Deficit In Late-Night Stars

We Should Laud Singledom, Not Lament It

Military Sexual Assault Victims Discharged After Filing Complaints

Many are booted out with ‘bad paper’ and can’t get upgrades

Ronan Farrow Is an Example for Siblings of Potential Victims

His writing is worthy and courageous

Katherine Dunn

Beloved author

Pop Chart

A Devastating Type of Hack Is Costing People Big Money

Ransomware attacks on businesses and individuals have risen dramatically in recent years

Game of Thrones‘ Sophie Turner Is No Victim In Apocalypse

Don’t Make Me Rate You

A plea to every business that has my credit-card number

Why You Need to Save More Now

The McKinsey Global Institute predicts that the average 30-year-old will need to up her personal savings rate by 80% and work an extra seven years to retire like her parents. Here’s why stock and bond returns are on track to shrink.

Stubborn Frictions Could Undermine Europe’s Fight Against Terror

Why Are Security Lines So Long?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recently predicted that already long security waits will get worse this summer, sparking outrage over what many see as a broken system. Here’s a look at the web of blame and how some groups are trying to streamline the process.

What You Said About …

Quick Talk with Tip ‘T.I.’ Harris

The rapper turned actor, 35, stars in the remake of the iconic series Roots.


How Technology Exposes Our Taste

Double Dose of K-Stew Fires Up Fest

Fifth Harmony Updates Girl Power for the Present

The Nice Guys Revives ’70s Private-Eye Satire In Buddy-Movie Mode

For the Record

New York State of Mind

The Geniuses Who Tracked Down the Gene

Night of a Thousand Stars

Is This Thing On?

British Prime Minister David Cameron caused a diplomatic kerfuffle on May 10 after being caught on tape in a private conversation with Queen Elizabeth II describing Nigeria and Afghanistan as “fantastically corrupt,” at a conference where leaders of both those countries were in attendance. Here, other “private” remarks by world leaders made embarrassingly public.

A New American Murder Mystery

Why Can’t Drug Costs be Reined In?

When the price of the blood-pressure drug Nitropress leaped from $215 to $881 last year, an increase of 300%, it triggered public outrage

Almost 40 Years Later, a Miniseries Returns to Television’s Roots

The Forest Hotel

Facebook and Politics

The Roots of Roots

The Caretaker President and Poet Taking Charge of a Troubled Brazil

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