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Rage Against the Machine Is Counting Down to Something

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Rage Against the Machine is up to something.

The band have not released a new album in years (their last studio album Renegades was released in 2000), but they do have a new website. Yesterday, the official Twitter account of Rage Against the Machine sent out a link to ProphetsofRage.com, a URL that is presumably a reference to the Public Enemy song of the same name.

The website features a clock counting down to June 1 and the hashtag #TakeThePowerBack. The tag is not only a callback to a song on Rage’s self-titled 1992 debut album, but has been spotted on mysterious posters popping up around Los Angeles. According to Loudwire, when visitors sign up for the mailing list they receive an email with the phrase “Clear the way for the prophets of rage” written inside, which is a line from the Public Enemy song.

Public Enemy’s frontman Chuck D has been adding to the mystery by tweeting out a series of links to Rage Against the Machine live performances. This has lead to speculation that the two bands will be heading out on the road together. While Rage has not played live since 2011, a reunion has always been a possibility. “We are still a band, and we still might play again,” bassist Tim Commerford told Rolling Stone last year. “We don’t have anything scheduled right now, but you never know what the future will bring.”

If anything would bring the far left leaning politically-minded rockers out of retirement it would be the specter of a Donald Trump presidency, since as Billboard noted, Rage was mocking Trump 16 years before he became the Republican presidential frontrunner in their Michael Moore-directed video for “Sleep Now in the Fire.”

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