May 18, 2016 11:58 AM EDT

Miley Cyrus visited The Tonight Show on Tuesday to talk about going face-to-face with Adam Levine on the upcoming season of The Voice. To prove her face was up to the task, Jimmy Fallon challenged her to a game of “Funny Face Off,” which is exactly what it sounds like with Cyrus and Fallon pulling faces based on video suggestions sent in by kids.

Fallon kicks the competition up a notch with some seemingly inadvertent trash talking, when he noted that one particularly weird face made the “Wrecking Ball” singer look like a “broken doll.” The comment seemed to strike a chord with Cyrus, who noted almost seriously, “Thank you. A broken doll. That’s me very much.” Fallon quickly added, “In the best way!” It’s hard to say who won the competition, because everyone came out looking equally ridiculous.

As for her face-off with Levine, Cyrus is already willing to bet that her team will win on The Voice, too:

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