By Cady Lang
May 17, 2016

In news that no one really ever needed know, but will now undoubtedly be unable to forget, Megyn Kelly has confirmed that Donald Trump‘s notorious mane is indeed real — because she ran her hands through it.

Although the two traded words for months, Kelly unexpectedly defended the presumptive GOP nominee’s look during a Watch What Happens Live appearance the day before her much-anticipated interview with Trump.

Kelly told host Andy Cohen that Trump’s trademark bouffant hairdo was bona fide, sharing, “I would say the hair is real. I have laid hands on it personally. That is not a wig, and it’s not a combover, either.” The Fox News host even elaborated that she got hands-on when it came to verifying his hair’s authenticity.

“I have run my fingers through it. We used to get along!” Kelly said. “I stuck my hands under there, I shoved my hands up in that hair, and that’s real.”

Watch the full clip of Kelly on Watch What Happens Live below.

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