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How Hillary Clinton Will Fight Donald Trump’s Unpredictability

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Through a nearly year-long primary battle, in which tens of millions were spent against him, Donald Trump was under-gunned, unpredictable, and surprisingly resilient. Looking ahead to the general election, Hillary Clinton‘s campaign is struggling to determine how to deal with this asymmetric threat posed by the bombastic presumptive GOP nominee. Lessons from the national security and business worlds are informing her campaign.

Trump met with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan Thursday in Washington, taking a key step toward party unity. Ryan continued to withhold his endorsement of the GOP’s new standard-bearer, as he spent much of the meeting presenting to Trump on his agenda and his conservative vision for the party. Trump was in a listening mode, according to sources, though the two did express their differences on key issue areas, and Ryan encouraged Trump to soften his tone to appeal to a broader swath of voters.

A GOP ad-maker released on YouTube four controversial planned spots that were set to run before the California GOP primary seeking to undermine Trump. The release highlights how many in the professional GOP class are still fighting Trump, even as Clinton is the only alternative. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a former Republican-turned-Independent, said this week that the GOP is no longer the party of business—an emerging shift that could have huge ramifications for the two-party system should traditional GOP business interests flip to the Democratic side.

Trump is rejecting calls to release his tax returns, telling ABC that his effective tax rate, “it’s none of your business.

The Obama administration is taking a historic step to push schools to allow transgender access to public school restrooms. Sheldon Adelson backs Trump. And Trump is not backing off the Muslim ban.

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