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May 12, 2016 6:00 AM EDT

American Capitalism’s Great Crisis
How Wall Street Is choking our economy and how to fix it

A New Look at Capitalism

Baby Boomers Are Isolating Themselves as They Age

That’s bad—for everyone

Three New Earths

Some very big news broke 40 light-years away, where astronomers just discovered a trio of very Earth-like planets orbiting a star named Trappist-1, which could harbor life. Here’s what makes them special.

Exclusive: Megyn Kelly Talks Fears, Courage and Donald Trump

‘If you set the bar as fearlessness, you’re going to be sitting alone in your room alone, crying in your soup a lot’

Why Money Monster Will Make You Mad As Hell


Edible Cutlery

How to Talk to Our Technology Is Parenting’s Next Great Dilemma

Missing Man: The American Spy Who Vanished In Iran

Rodrigo Duterte: The Trump of the East?

On May 9, the Philippines elected Duterte as President. His populist style and controversial rhetoric have drawn wide comparisons to Donald Trump. But are they really all that similar?

Hillary’s New Plan to Trump Trump–by Being Boring

Game of Thrones Proves Death on TV Is Meaningless Now

Jon Snow is only the latest example of mortality’s meaninglessness in pop culture

What Facebook Isn’t Telling You

A new report from tech blog Gizmodo alleges that Facebook’s Trending feature is curated by humans, some of whom bury content from conservative news outlets. (Facebook denied the report, saying it has “rigorous” neutrality policies.) Here are answers to key questions.

We Have Become an Idiocracy

And it only took two-and-a-half centuries

A North Carolina Fight Could Reshape Civil Rights

The Writer Geoff Dyer Finds Trouble In Paradise

In Its Best Season Yet, the AmericansRaces History

Citizen Khan

London’s first Muslim mayor aims to be an “antidote” to Islamic extremism

Dating Isn’t Dead–and History Proves It

Saudi Arabia’s Reform Plan Is Bold, Modern and Likely Doomed

The kingdom must end its deep dependence on oil revenue and build a dynamic 21st century economy

Quick Talk With Jodie Foster

The two-time Oscar winner discusses her latest outing as a director, Money Monster, a thriller in which a disgruntled investor takes a financial-TV host hostage.

Bamford’s Dynamite Is a Wild Ride

Entrée the Bowl

For the Record

Pop Chart

Redefining the Modern Dictionary

When Love Is the Law of the Land, Singletons Revolt In the Lobster

Broadway Shuffle

George C. Wolfe and Savion Glover Bring in ‘da Noise (and ‘da Funk) to a 95 – year – old musical

This Land Could Be Your Land–for Free


As the nation’s infrastructure crumbles, Washington’s transit chief bets on a new approach

Putting Pen to Paper

What Schools Should Learn from Student Protests

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