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Watch This Perfect Parody: A Training Video for ‘Bathroom Cops’

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The “bathroom bill” in North Carolina, which bans people from using the facilities that are not assigned to their biological sex, is no laughing matter. But Funny or Die is providing a little comic relief with its new video “Bathroom Cop.” The clip is an instructional spoof hosted by a “proud member of the bathroom police,” on how to police a public restroom.

The video purports to school new recruits on how “to uphold the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act and keep every one of our great country’s public restrooms a safe and wholesome place.”

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“If a citizen is being evasive, you’ll want to conduct a visual scan to make sure they’re not harboring any suspicious visuals on their person,” the cop says. “Excuse me, I do not like the sound of your stream,” she says at another point.

Watch the full video below:

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