J.K. Rowling Shoots Down Fan Theory About Dumbledore’s Past

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It’s been an illuminating week for Harry Potter fans. After tweeting an explanation on Monday of why she killed off fan-favorite character Remus Lupin, J.K. Rowling took to Twitter again to comment on a theory regarding Albus Dumbledore’s life prior to the series’ beginning.

The theory in question was tweeted at the British author on Wednesday and posits that Dumbledore’s extreme aversion to horcruxes was due to his regret over making one of the dark objects himself. In a video justifying the claim, YouTube user Jonathan Carlin argues that Fawkes the Phoenix was not just a pet, but rather a horcrux created by the headmaster to extricate the part of his soul that felt guilty over the death of his sister.

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However, Rowling was quick to make her feelings on the topic clear. “The idea that anybody believes this is strangely upsetting to me,” she tweeted.


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