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China Set to Free Last Remaining Jailed Tiananmen Square Protester, Reports Say

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The last person jailed in connection with Beijing’s 1989 pro-democracy Tiananmen Square protests may soon be released, according to a U.S.-based advocacy group.

Miao Deshun, 25 at the time of his arrest, was convicted of throwing a basket at a burning People’s Liberation Army (PLA) tank during the bloody crackdown on the peaceful student-led demonstration.

Miao was initially handed a suspended death sentence, though this was commuted to life imprisonment in 1991. A native of Hebei province near Beijing, Miao reportedly suffers from hepatitis B and schizophrenia. He apparently hasn’t had any contact with the outside world for many years after he told his family not to visit.

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According to the Dui Hua Foundation, Miao is set to be released from Beijing’s Yangqing prison on Oct. 15, after he was granted an 11-month reduction of his sentence in March.

“We welcome this news, and express the hope that he will receive the care he needs to resume a normal life after spending more than half of it behind bars,” John Kamm, executive director of the Dui Hua Foundation, said in a statement.

Around 1,600 Chinese people were jailed in relation to the weeks-long democracy protest. There is no official death toll, though estimates range from several hundred to as many as 3,000 people lost their lives.

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Any reference to the protests and subsequent crackdown is heavily censored in China, meaning many Chinese are completely unaware of what transpired. Even oblique reference to the massacre — like June 4, the date it unfurled — remains banned from Chinese search engines and social media.

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