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One Woman’s Makeup Tutorial Upends Depression Stigmas

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YouTuber Amy Geliebter wanted to address “the sh-tty stigmas we face as people who suffer from depression (in any of its many forms),” so she created a mock “depression makeup” tutorial on her YouTube channel.

In her video, Geliebter names her makeup primer, foundation and concealer after judgmental phrases commonly told to depressed people.

“Cover up all your blemishes using the shade, ‘Denial and Emotional Repression,’” Geliebter instructs. “Highlight your brow bone with the shade, ‘I Was Depressed Once, Too, and I Got Over It.'”

“Next, we want to deny our depression completely by trying to pretend to be someone we’re not in an attempt to make the people around us happy. To do this, we’re going to use a contour kit starting with a highlighter in the shade, ‘I Hate Myself and Everyday I Feel Like Dying.’”

Geliebter finishes the look with a swipe of lipstick in a shade of “Just Smile More” red. “If you follow these steps, were born with a chemical imbalance and live in a society that deeply stigmatizes mental illness, you, too, can rock this look,” Geliebter concludes.

You can watch the full video above.

This isn’t the first time Geliebter has addressed sensitive issues via YouTube. Her “Bisexual Makeup Tutorial” went viral in 2015. After receiving harsh criticism, she took a six-week break from YouTube, returning with a video titled “I Don’t Care.

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