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May 6, 2016 4:48 PM EDT

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Trader Joe’s has a mystique that belies its ‘Deals Deals Deals!’ price points, and for good reason. The budget-friendly chain is a source of joy for millions who feel like they’ve struck the flavor-price ratio jackpot. While many of TJ’s offerings have cultish followings, we decided to ask the experts what really sets the chain apart from its competitors. Here, eight top chefs talk about their favorite Trader Joe’s products—bookmark now, thank us later.

Chef Sam Talbot
Pretty Southern
TJ’s Pick: “[I like the] buffalo jerky—it’s the best tasting around. Not many places have buffalo. It’s lean and a great protein pick-me-up. Almond milk is a staple in the kitchen, a great product for a great price—[perfect] for making chia breakfast pudding.”

Chef Angie Mar
Restaurant: The Beatrice Inn
TJ’s Pick: “I love their Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil. [It’s a] great value for the money. I buy it whenever I’m stocking up for home. And for a sweet treat I am obsessed with the Australian soft chew licorice—a quick snack to have on hand in the kitchen!”

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Chef Steven Satterfield
Miller Union
TJ’s Pick: “I have to admit that I love the ‘healthy’ snacks aisle at Trader Joe’s. All of their different trail mixes and such—it’s kind of overwhelming how many they have. I’m not really into junk food, so I lean towards granola, trail mix, whole grain crackers, almond butter, etc.”

Chef Dakota Weis
Restaurants: Sweetfin Poke & Estrella
TJ’s Pick: “There are two items I super love from Trader Joe’s—the Coconut Sticks they sell, they have such a great texture. I know that they are loaded with sugar, but who cares? It’s fruit! I also really love the frozen pizza they make with mushrooms and truffles. It has a really thin crust and the truffle flavor just explodes in your mouth and makes me crazy happy!”

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Chef Armand Arnal

Restaurant: Maman

TJ’s Pick: “One product that i love to see and use at Trader Joe’s is the Fluer De Sel Sea Salt from Camargue. It is a great affordable finishing salt that can enhance any meal. It’s also nice to see some representation of my hometown in an American grocery store.”

Chef Matt & Emily Hyland

Restaurants: Emily and Emmy Squared in Brooklyn

TJ’s Pick: “We like snack food from Trader Joe’s. Matt loves their wasabi peas. Matt’s mom always has a jar of their salsa in her cabinet, and it does the trick with chips when we are catching up with her for a visit!”

Chef Neal Fraser

Restuarants: Fritzi DTLA & Redbird

TJ’s Pick: “My favorite thing from Trader’s Joe’s are their English peas. They are super sweet. [I eat them] right out of the bag.”

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Chef Sang Yoon

Restaurants: Father’s Office & Lukshon

TJ’s Pick: “Pub Cheese. It’s this airy, spreadable yellow cheese you can put on pretty much anything and it’s super addicting. It’s my new favorite food to pair with champagne. I spread it on some crackers and serve it with Delamotte Brut, which has great balance. It’s the ultimate drinking snack.”

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