Melissa McCarthy Says She Believes in Ghosts

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Melissa McCarthy, star of the upcoming Ghostbusters, says that she believes in ghosts—or at least in a presence.

“I think they do exist. I don’t know in what form,” McCarthy told TIME. “But I think there are things out there. I think we’ve all felt a presence or an energy where for no reason something just feels different in a place we’re familiar with.”

The comedian and TIME 100 honoree shared her views on what happens after you die during the TIME 100 Gala on Tuesday night.


“I also don’t think when we’re done we just float away. I think we’re still around. I still talk to my grandparents all the time. I don’t think of them as ghosts, but I do talk to them a lot in my car. I don’t know if that makes me crazy,” she said, laughing.

When asked why in her car, she said, “I guess that’s when I’m alone. We have really in-depth conversations.”

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