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Mother of Twins Shows Her Breastfeeding Struggle in Instagram Photo

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Elaine Bellis doesn’t think mothers talk about the challenges of breastfeeding enough, so she opened up about her difficulties on Instagram recently. She posted a photo of her infant twin daughters breastfeeding at the same time; in the caption, Bellis said that she’s tried everything in her power to produce milk for her newborn twins but that her body “couldn’t build up any milk over the last month.”

The new mom says she pumps all day to be able to provide her girls with just an ounce of her milk. “I never thought I would have problems breastfeeding and realize now I did the absolute best I could do,” she said.

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“I feel like often times, women portray that their motherhood experience is rainbows and sunshine and maybe it is for them, and that’s their truth,” Bellis told The TODAY Show. “But for me, I was having that sometimes, but other times I was having these huge emotional breakdowns because of breastfeeding.”

Luckily, Bellis says formula and breast-milk donations keep her daughters healthy. She says she will continue to breastfeed her girls when possible to promote bonding.

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