Host Jimmy Fallon as Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz during a sketch on April 14.
Andrew Lipovsky—NBC/Getty Images
April 15, 2016 7:45 AM EDT

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz received some advice about the upcoming New York primary from Donald Trump played by Jimmy Fallon in a skit on Thursday.

“Look, Donald, I’m not going to pander to New Yorkers,” Cruz said, during the appearance on The Tonight Show. “I love New York City. It is the greatest city in the world with the best looking audiences in the entire world, so when I said New York values I was merely trying to say I value New York, except I was saying it backwards, the way Yoda would say it.”

While campaigning in New York for the primary, Trump has targeted Cruz for the disparaging comments he made earlier this year about Trump’s “New York values.”

“You’re here in New York, let me give you some advice. First, if you’re on the street, walk fast. No one likes a slow walker,” says Trump, played by Fallon, as Cruz pours himself a drink on the other end of the phone call.

“Even though it’s taken a while, I firmly believe that we have unified the GOP,” Cruz says.

“So have I,” Fallon’s Trump character responds. “It just so happens that I unified them against me—but I still unified them. That counts.”

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