April 14, 2016 8:49 AM EDT

Donald Trump‘s revamped campaign team faces its latest test in Wyoming on Saturday—and they appear set to fail it. The state will select 14 delegates at its convention, and by focusing on the months-long process, Ted Cruz appears set for another sweeping win. It would be the latest delegate setback to Trump, who faces long odds to reach 1,237 delegates by the convention, and must also shore up support among delegates for potential subsequent ballots. Meanwhile, many top Republicans are turning away from the presidential race—unhappy with their remaining choices or chances—to focus on down-ballot House and Senate campaigns. In hopes of preventing a wave, GOP donors and operatives are preparing to shore up support for vulnerable incumbents, potentially at the expense of the party’s presidential nominee.

The Obama Administration appears to be adjusting off its pledge to put a woman on the $10 bill, now indicating that the woman—or group of women—could be placed on the back side of the note. The shift, which comes amid renewed appreciation for Alexander Hamilton, has many women, including the girl who brought the issue to the president’s desk, unsatisfied.

Fed Chair Janet Yellen speaks to TIME, arguing the central bank has its eye on Main Street, as the federal debt takes over the cover of TIME.

Trump wants to bring back the Paterno statue. Ivanka Trump emerges as her father’s best surrogate. And the Trump campaign fires back at Facebook.

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Must Reads

Why Republicans Are Looking Farther Down the Ballot
As Trump and Cruz duke it out, many Republicans look to the Senate and House [TIME]

How Corporate America Became the LGBT Movement’s Key Ally
North Carolina’s new law could cost the state an estimated $567 million, TIME’s Katy Steinmetz reports

Donald Trump Faces Another Delegate Test in Wyoming
Cruz campaign is already way out ahead.

Exclusive: Concern Grows That Hamilton Euphoria Will Push Woman to Back of the $10 Bill
TIME’s Maya Rhodan on the ongoing controversy over putting a woman on U.S. currency

The United States of Insolvency
$13,903,107,629,266. Can the nation afford this much debt? [TIME]

Janet Yellen Talks Transforming the Fed
In a TIME-exclusive interview, Yellen says she is focusing on Main Street not Wall Street and dusting off the Fed’s mandate to regulate

Aboard the Staten Island Ferry, a Snapshot of Donald Trump’s New York
Broad support for Trump in the working-class borough [Washington Post]

Sound Off

“We can’t just show up at election time and say the right things and think that’s enough.” — Hillary Clinton to black voters in New York Wednesday

“I know a lot about Pennsylvania, and it’s great. How’s Joe Paterno. We’re gonna bring that back? Right?” — Donald Trump at a rally in Pittsburgh on bringing back the statue of the former Penn State football coach, who came under fire for covering up abuses by one of his assistants

Bits and Bites

Bernie Sanders Says Democratic Primary Schedule ‘Distorts Reality’ [TIME]

Verizon CEO Strikes Back at Bernie Sanders for ‘Uninformed Views’ [Fortune]

Why They Can’t Just Put A Woman on the $20 [TIME]

Trump Aide Slams Facebook CEO Over Immigration [TIME]

Hillary Clinton: Democrats Can’t Take Black Voters ‘For Granted’ [TIME]

Trump Campaign Manager Will Not Be Prosecuted, Sources Say [Politico]

Ivanka Trump Proves a Savvy Surrogate for Her Father [New York Times]

Ted Cruz’s Daughters Want to Invite Taylor Swift to the White House [LA Times]

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