By Alex Fitzpatrick
April 6, 2016

Ultra-gory fighting game Mortal Kombat (yes, with the “K”) was probably the video game my parents worried about most when I was a kid. Even back in the low-res Sega Genesis days, these games were epically bloody — and that trend’s only continued into our glorious 1080p resolution future.

Now, YouTuber IZUNIY has concocted a nearly two-hour-long celebration of Mortal Kombat’s classic finishing moves — “fatalities,” in the parlance. These are the insane combos carried out when your hapless opponent is nearly defeated, finishing him or her off in all manners of over-the-top violence. Each character gets their own fatality, unique to their abilities.

The above video shows every single fatality in every single Kombat title. Enjoy!


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