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April 1, 2016 2:10 PM EDT

Remember picking your car color and crossing your fingers that you’d get a good job while playing “The Game of Life” as a kid? Yeah, about that… The game didn’t exactly take gender bias into account.

So the folks at Comedy Central created a commercial about what a game that really addresses women’s future prospects would look like—and called it “The Glass Ceiling: A Game for Girls.” (Fittingly, the game for boys is called “Privilege.”)

In the video, young female players start out saying they want to get careers like “the nation’s #1 investment banker.” But soon, they get cards like, “your Ivy League education doesn’t go unnoticed—it makes your boss Doug feel emasculated. The promotion goes to Blake, who didn’t even get a degree. Move back one space.”

As one of the girls says, “This game sucks.”

Watch the full video:

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