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Virgin America’s April Fools’ Joke Proves Not Every Brand Needs a Prank

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For April Fools’ Day, Virgin America “unveiled” a new logo—which looks like a pair of women’s breasts.

The video parody of corporate culture shows a mix of real and fake employees commenting on the new logo with lines that come across as suggestive. A “creative director” talks about supporting Virgin America’s guest service with “tech-infused technology” while holding his hands up as if he is cupping someone’s chest. Virgin Group founder Richard Branson points to either side of his chest and says, “I feel it, right in here.”

Many Twitter users appear to think the logo and the video are real.

A new Airbnb logo sparked a similar reaction on the Internet in 2014, so the campaign is likely a riff on that outcry:

Even though it’s all a joke, the nature of the gag could be perceived as sexist. As some Twitter users pointed out:

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