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Still Shy About Sex? You’re Not the Only One

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Despite shows like Girls and Broad City breaking barriers with regard to young women, sex and pleasure, not everyone feels comfortable talking about those topics.

“I think too many women are uncomfortable taking control of their own sexual pleasure and understanding what feels good and how to make themselves feel good,” says Sarah Sommers, creative director of VProud, which produces “You’re Not Crazy,” a video series about various mental-health issues affecting women. This week’s episode delves into the topic of women and their relationship to sex.

“Much like anything else, the more it’s talked about, the less scary and unknown it becomes,” says Sommers. “So it’s important to hear other women talking about female pleasure as comfortably and casually as they would discuss anything else.”

As part of the episode, female comedians discuss the importance of masturbation in their lives.

“I certainly wasn’t surprised that this particular group of women was so open about masturbation, but I was surprised by how vastly different everyone’s experience with it is and how varied their interests are when it comes to what turns them on,” says Sommers. “I mean, everything from amateur porn that could be confused for home videos to Shakira music videos. It was incredibly entertaining.”

The above clip was made exclusively for Motto. To view the whole episode, visit vproud.tv or watch it here:

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