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Let’s get a show of hands

Bernie Sanders won big out West in March, but Hillary Clinton still dominates the all-important delegate count. His only path now is to woo superdelegates–a strategy his team once decried as undemocratic.

No, for now

John Kasich, who has no viable path to the presidential nomination unless there’s a contested convention, swears he’s not interested in being anyone else’s VP. But he pretty much has to say that.

Dems eye Trump card

The Republicans’ messy implosion puts at least six GOP-held Senate seats–and the party’s narrow, four-seat majority–on thin ice. Dems zero in on Illinois, New Hampshire and Ohio.

All over but the shouting

Clinton and Sanders struck a tentative deal for a last debate before the April 19 New York primary. Trump says he’s sick of debates. Cruz wants a one-on-one with Trump, and Kasich just wants you to remember he’s running.

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