See What It’s Like to Play a Time-Controlling Superhero

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What if you could drop time bubbles around villains that slowed your bullets just long enough to queue up your own swarm of lethal projectiles? Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break lets you do precisely that and more, turning you into a time-warping gunslinger.

“As [Jack] Joyce [the game’s protagonist], the [time] fracture imbues you with time powers, like being able to shoot and move faster than your enemies, dodge gunfire and momentarily zip around areas like The Flash,” I wrote in my review.

“The most clever of these, ‘time stop,’ places temporal bubbles around enemies that slow your bullets, letting you ‘stack’ a dozen shots from a handgun, which become a burst of machine-gun-like fire when the bubble vanishes. I imagine it’d be cathartic if you’re a bad shot. Or a sadist.”

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