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This Campaign Encourages Women to Withhold Sex from Trump-Supporting Partners

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As Trump continues to lead the Republican race and the presidential election inches closer, his detractors are trying creative measures to try to stop him.

Chandler Smith, 28, and her husband, Blake, recently launched a campaign called Vote Trump, Get Dumped to encourage women to avoid dating (or partaking in other activities with) Trump supporters.

“Those Who Vote Trump Should Understand This: No Sex. No Dates. No Chance,” declares the website. “To cast a vote for Trump is to agree with his sexist, perverted, demeaning, backwards, offensive treatment of women.”

The site references derogatory comments Trump has made about women in the past, such as this tweet of his from 2013:

“I don’t want a sexist, racist, war-crime-threatening man leading my country,” Chandler Smith told the National Review.

Supporters of “Vote Trump, Get Dumped” are sharing photos of crossed fingers (to symbolize legs) and using the hashtag #VoteTrumpGetDumped to spread their message, which has been met with a mixed response:

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