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Someone Tried to Take This Bomb-Like ‘Art’ on a Plane

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The Transportation Security Administration probably comes across pretty compelling artwork in luggage. On Thursday, one piece was too remarkable to neglect posting online.

Public Affairs spokesperson Lisa Farbstein regularly tweets TSA news and photos of weapons or contraband confiscated from various U.S. airports. Yet her Thursday post featured a “suspicious” item that they cleared for flight, with a description from the owner: “It’s art.”

The “artwork” appears to involve a small can packed with something, attached to cables wrapped around green plastic. Upon first glance, the object does raise questions: for example, it is unclear from the photo whether the can’s filling makes it a particularly heavy or solid object, or whether the top’s edge is sharp (as can top edges are known to be).

This incident does give undiscovered artists a new publicity platform to aspire to: Lisa Farbstein’s Twitter account. Perhaps more artists should start traveling with their masterpieces.

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