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What was Jon Snow thinking when Olly stabbed him in the heart in the season five finale of Game of Thrones? How did Olly feel? Following the release of the season six trailer, HBO has given fans a glimpse into the minds of these characters by sharing the final pages of the season five finale script exclusively with Entertainment Weekly.

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The full extent of Olly’s emotional manipulation is revealed, including the significance of him bringing up Benjen, who was likely on Snow’s mind as he took over the Night’s Watch. The script also offers insight into the words surrounding Snow’s shocking death. This section begins after Snow has seen the word, “traitor” where he expects there to be a Wildling and has been stabbed by several members of the Watch:

No, “Et tu, Olly?” was not in the original script—but it might as well have been. The writers also emphasize (again) that Jon is dead as a doornail by writing, “The light goes out of his open eyes.” That’s not to say that he couldn’t come back. (Here’s how.)

You can read the last several pages of the script in full on Entertainment Weekly’s site. And check out TIME’s breakdown of the new trailer for season six for hints about Jon Snow’s future fate.

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