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Watch Women Open Up About Grappling with Imposter Syndrome

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If you’ve ever felt like you’re in over your head at work, you’re certainly not alone. “It’s a common experience for women to feel insecure and unworthy and afraid to go for it in their careers,” says VProud founder Karen Cahn. “In my career personally, I have definitely felt at certain times that I’ve questioned, ‘Am I qualified for this job? Do I feel ready?’ and I know that my male counterparts don’t ask themselves those questions.”

Imposter syndrome is the topic of this week’s episode of “You’re Not Crazy,” a series that features an all-female cast and tackles various mental-health issues that affect women.

The above clip is made up of footage shared exclusively with Motto. To view the whole episode, visit vproud.tv or watch it here:

“We’re all going through this sort of universal career anxiety,” says Cahn. “It’s normal, but you can recognize it and push those little voices that are holding you back to the back of your mind and push them out. It’s almost like meditation. It’s sort of like: A thought comes into your mind, you greet it and then you push it to the back of your mind.”

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