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This is How Thursday’s Republican Debate Played Out Online

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The Republican presidential debates have been insanely popular online—Thursday’s contest in Miami was no exception, according to search and social media data.

Viewers followed along on Twitter using the hashtag #GOPDebate, making certain moments of the debate stand out, while others took their queries to Google, searching for more information about what the candidates were talking about.

On Twitter, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s answer on climate change was the top tweeted moment of the night, as was his comeback to front-runner Donald Trump on political correctness. Rubio’s popularity on Twitter may be sign that he had the breakout debate performance he so desperately needed before primary voting begins in Florida on Tuesday.

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Trump took the lion share of the conversation on Twitter—as he usually does—negative and positive.

Search data from Google indicates that both Rubio and Ohio Gov. John Kasich had good nights in their home states, as each of them came in second behind Trump, who hogged 56% of all searches during the debate. Searches for “delegate math” skyrocketed after Trump brushed off talks of a contested Republican National Convention come July.

Google made a visualization of the top issues viewers searched about during the debate, with ISIS coming in first.

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