Watch Rubio Clash With Trump on Cuba at the GOP Debate

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Florida Sen. Marco Rubio clashed with Donald Trump on Cuba at the Republican debate Thursday.

Rubio—who is of Cuban heritage from Miami—found fault in Trump’s answer to a question about the country and proceeded to rattle off reasons closing an “embassy” there would be a faulty strategy.

The billionaire said that he would close the embassy until America made better deal in Cuba, which Rubio remarked would have little effect.

“On the issue of a good deal, I know what the good deal is,” Rubio said. “I’ll tell you what the good deal now, it’s already codified. Here’s the good deal: Cuba has free elections, Cuba stops putting people in jail for speaking out.”

Diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba were reestablished in late 2014, ending more than 50 years of isolation for the island nation some 90 miles south of Florida. In March, President Obama will become the first President to visit the country in almost 90 years.


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