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Watch an Ostrich Chase Down Two Cyclists Because It Can

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The ostrich is the world’s largest bird, and while it doesn’t fly, it can cover a lot of ground in a single stride. So while you may have forgotten that ostriches can run up to 43 miles an hour, it’s a lesson these two bicyclists aren’t soon to forget.

In a video making the rounds on the Internet after being posted by Unilad on Facebook, a seemingly irate ostrich chases down two spandex clad cyclists as they make their way down a road. While they try to outrace the bird, according to the National Wildlife Foundation, ostriches can run faster “than Lance Armstrong in a time trial.” The jumbo birds are capable of motoring on for 10 miles straight at a clip of 30 miles an hour, which is fast enough to earn an ostrich a speeding ticket in a school zone.

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