The PlayStation 4 Is Getting a Killer New Surprise Feature

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Sony has a surprise tucked in its next major PlayStation 4 update, and it’s a biggie: The option to play PlayStation 4 games on a PC or Mac.

It’s called “remote play,” which is gaming parlance for screen-sharing technology that beams the video output of a computing device (like a game console) wirelessly to another device. Graphics processor manufacturer Nvidia and publisher Valve each offer versions of the technology with their respective services. Microsoft recently rolled out remote play to the Xbox One, allowing Windows 10 owners to access Xbox One games on their PCs through a special Xbox app.

Sony says PlayStation 4 remote play will be part of the console’s forthcoming 3.50 update, which enters closed beta tomorrow. But in a blog post, Sony Computer Entertainment marketing VP John Koller writes that the remote play feature “won’t be available to test in the beta,” though adding that “you can look forward to it soon.”

I assume “soon” means it’ll unlock at some point during the beta, because I’m assuming the consumer version of 3.50 won’t show up for some time, since the current release is only 3.15.

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