Here’s What Reddit Will Look Like in 3016

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Time travel doesn’t exist yet; Reddit may be the next-best thing.

The site is an art project of sorts created by Blair Erickson, Gizmodo reports, and imagines what the “Frontpage Of The Internet” might look like 1,000 years in the future. Viral headlines from the distant beyond include “Everyone’s favorite Pocket Whale is back for a new season on Holoflix!” and “More and more species offspring living as openly Takei.” Some of the stories click through to the likes of Huffington Planet, MindTube and hologur, all spoofs of current sites.

Gizmodo asked Erickson about the process of putting the site together:

To dream up all those stories, videos, and images, Erickson combined futuristic technology with what he sees as universal themes around human conversation. “If you read graffiti in Roman bath houses you see human beings make… the same silly things even thousands of years in the past. Who’s sleeping with who. What kind of foreigners disturb their xenophobic feelings. Who’s a badass. What they like, what they hate. Who is a liar in politics, etc. So I wanted to play it out in a fun futuristic way.”

“While some communities have opted to remove the link, many have approved its placement,” Reddit (the real version) said in a statement to TIME. “We have over 10k active subreddits and just like any large group, opinions and needs can vary. Reddit, Inc. is impressed with the creativity and thought behind Reddit3016 and looks forward to the continued conversation around its content.”

The full interview is available here.


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