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This Brilliant Google Trick Will Help You Find Your Phone

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Google’s search engine can do more than just answer your questions. You can also use it to find your misplaced Android phone.

Here’s how to set it up:

  • Make sure Location Services is turned on. You can do this by navigating to Settings > Location on your Android phone, and checking that the switch is turned on.
  • Next, confirm that you’re logged into your Google account on your phone. If you use any of Google apps frequently (Gmail, Google Hangouts, Google Chrome), you’re probably already logged in. You can make sure you’re signed in by heading over to Settings >Accounts.
  • Your phone also needs to be linked to Google in order for this to work, which you can learn how to do here. This allows you to send information from your computer to your Android phone, such as Google Maps directions that you’ve looked up on your laptop or desktop.
  • Once you’re sure that location services are turned on, you’re logged into Google on your phone, and your phone is linked to Google, try typing “Find my phone” in Google’s search engine. This should pull up a map at the top of your search results that shows your phone’s location. You may be asked to sign into your Google account again for security purposes.
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