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Why You Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Drive
Smart cars are the best hope for the future

Forget the Distant Future, Smarter Cars Are Already Here
Car manufacturers have made huge advancements

Donald Trump Derangement Syndrome and the Lizard-Brain Campaign
The candidate has been able to control the news cycle

What a U.K. Exit from the E.U. Could Mean
by Ian Bremmer

Exclusive: Shimon Peres on Peace, War and Israel’s Future
The 92-year-old former Prime Minister and President speaks his mind about the possibilities for peace under Netanyahu

This Is the Real Reason Apple Is Fighting the FBI
If the FBI wins, it could open the door to massive surveillance

Future Proofing
Prominent scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs and futurists expect competing things from the emergence of AI. What most divides them is whether the technology will be a benevolent development or a catastrophic one. Here’s a look at that spectrum:

How Marriage Can Influence Your Blood Pressure
Your spouse can affect everything from weight to heart attack recovery

The Countries Where ISIS Is Growing in Africa

Facebook? Check. Twitter? Check. Instagram? Check. Snapchat? I Give Up
A mother caves

Review: A Vice TV Network Shows the Limits of Rebelliousness
The brand takes an unhip turn

Pop Chart

A Michigan Shooting Spree Kindles Fear of the Scaring Economy
Uber faces a new test after Kalamazoo

Face-Off: Ted Cruz Vs. Marco Rubio


A Fake Rothko and the Rise of Modern Fraud
A painting’s worth can be a matter of smoke, mirrors and marketing

China’s War on the Media


Encounters with the Arch-Genius, David Gelernter
The artificial intelligence pioneer has some radical ideas about the supremacy of the human mind

The Science of Crying
Researchers are zeroing in on answers to the age-old mystery of why humans shed tears (and why some don’t)

The GOP’s Last, Best Chance to Trump Trump
Who can take him down?

Syria’s Lost Cause
Western-backed rebels are in desperate straits

What You Said About …

Review: Growing Up Is Hard to Do onTogetherness
There’s something here for any viewer who’s been taken by surprise at getting older

The Supreme Court’s Next Trial
What happens in the wake of Antonin Scalia’s death?

Review: Alluring Embrace of the SerpentExplores the Mysteries of the Amazon
The majesty of nature is this film’s true star, and Guerra captures the glory of every leaf and every inch of sky

Review: Jesse Owens Biopic Race Fails Before the Finish Line
Well meaning but lethargic, it barely has enough energy to hold the torch aloft

Harper Lee
America’s literary conscience

Boutros Boutros-Ghali


Not Fine Art
In forgery investigations, the tiniest mistakes can make all the difference, as in the cases below.

Quick Talk With Michael Kelly
The Emmy nominee returns as loyal, murderous presidential consigliere Doug Stamper in House of Cards’ fourth season

Brother Act: The Duplasses Ride High in Hollywood
How a pair of fraternal filmmakers perfected low-budget success

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