By Sarah Begley
February 24, 2016

A new poll has found that more Americans support Apple than the FBI in the question of whether the tech company should build software to unlock the iPhone of a San Bernardino terror suspect, with 46% saying Apple was right to oppose a court order.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll found 35% sided with the FBI, while 20% said they did not know. However, a more broadly phrased question showed a slightly different attitude on the topic: Asked to say whether they agreed or disagreed that “the government should be able to look at data on Americans’ smart phones in order to protect against terror threats,” 46% agreed and 42% disagreed.

The poll was conducted from Feb. 19 to 23 using an online survey, a method some critics consider flawed, and it stands in contrast to a recent Pew survey which found 51% supporting the FBI’s request.

This poll found Democrats were more likely to side with Apple, as were people in the 18 to 39 age range.


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