February 23, 2016 2:19 AM EST

For decades the famed documentarian Sir David Attenborough has taken viewers to the farthest edges of the world. Now natural history enthusiasts can join the broadcaster on a trip back in time to study the largest dinosaur, or animal for that matter, that ever walked the Earth: titanosaur.

Viewers can watch the titanosaur trudge through a forest in virtual reality with a 360° perspective, while Attenborough introduces the massive creature. The 4-minute video is also available in resolutions up to 4K. It accompanies a longer BBC program called Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur.

As Attenborough explains in his soothing tone, the 70-ton titanosaur was about 40 m (131 ft.) long, stood as tall as a five-storey building and had a heart that could pump 90 liters of blood with a single beat.

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