By Mark Rivett-Carnac
February 23, 2016

For decades the famed documentarian Sir David Attenborough has taken viewers to the farthest edges of the world. Now natural history enthusiasts can join the broadcaster on a trip back in time to study the largest dinosaur, or animal for that matter, that ever walked the Earth: titanosaur.

Viewers can watch the titanosaur trudge through a forest in virtual reality with a 360° perspective, while Attenborough introduces the massive creature. The 4-minute video is also available in resolutions up to 4K. It accompanies a longer BBC program called Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur.

As Attenborough explains in his soothing tone, the 70-ton titanosaur was about 40 m (131 ft.) long, stood as tall as a five-storey building and had a heart that could pump 90 liters of blood with a single beat.

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