February 18, 2016 10:28 AM EST

A Huntington, West Virginia man stole $1 from a stranger on the sidewalk, and will spend 6 to 24 months in a youthful offenders center for the crime.

Police arrested John Chafin, 21, for displaying a revolver and instructing a stranger on the sidewalk to hand over the contents of his wallet on Jan. 13. The man complied, surrendering the only dollar bill on him, the Herald-Dispatch reports.

Chafin pleaded to first-degree robbery, down from initial charges of two first-degree robbery counts and carrying a concealed weapon. He entered a Kennedy plea, which meant he didn’t have to admit guilt or explain his own role in the crime. A judge had previously suspended a 15-year prison sentence for Chafin.

Upon Chafin’s arrest, police confiscated the stolen $1 bill.


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