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This Simpsons Search Engine Will Help You Relive Every Moment of the Show

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The Simpsons fans got an exciting surprise with the launch of a search engine called Frinkiac that matches any of the show’s quotes with the corresponding still from the long-running animated series.

Created by Paul Kehre, Sean Schulte, and Allie Young, Frinkiac has fans poring over the comprehensive database named after Springfield’s favorite mad scientists, Professor Frink.

“We had the idea several years ago when we were quoting The Simpsons at each other all day long, and it was surprisingly difficult to find an image of the scenes we were quoting on Google,” said Schulte in an interview with Wired.

The site contains nearly three million screenshots, culled from every episode of the show from season 1 through 15. Type in a quote or even just a keyword and the search engine will spit out possible corresponding stills from the series. For example, if you want to find the moment where Otto realizes he’s wasted his life or Homer Simpson is showing off the features of the Monorail saying, “This is the snack holder where I can put my beverage, or if you will, cupcake.” Simply type “snack holder” into Frinkiac and possible stills pop up.

Find the right one, click “Meme It”, and the quote becomes a shareable meme perfect for adding a little Simpsons into every group text, Tinder encounter, or chat with mom.

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