34-Terrier fans, 2015
Terrier fans, 2015Dolly Faibyshev
34-Terrier fans, 2015
Close-up of a dog's hairdo with spray bottle, 2013
81-Orange Lady and Boxer, 2010
82-Double Papillon, 2013
16-Judging best of breeds, 2013
7-Winking Poodle Part 2, 2014
46-Competing breeds, 2013
30-Breeder sharing a sandwich with a Yorkshire Terrier, 2014
72-Chinese Crested passed out after the show, 2014
52-Last minute grooming on Spaniel, 2013
40- Spotted Retriever and breeder suits, 2013
50-Chinese Crested closeup, 2014
38-Basset Hound twins, 2012
12- Shih-Tzu groomed and ready to compete, 2010
28-Dandy Dinmont, 2013
55- Spaniel, 2014
Terrier fans, 2015
Dolly Faibyshev
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Go Behind the Scenes at the Westminster Dog Show

Feb 12, 2016

“The people themselves are kind of a special breed,” photographer Dolly Faibyshev says, “as if they all come from the same puppy mill.”

In her eighth year of photographing the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, Faibyshev has seen just about everything. “The dogs are primped up for the show, but the humans are too,” she tells TIME, noting the preponderance of handler’s wacky outfits that seem to echo their pooches own coats. “You start to wonder who is actually competing for Best In Show, is it the animals or humans?”

Faibyshev’s photographs of the storied competition encapsulate that very question.

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The self-taught photographer saw the competition on television and decided she’d like to photograph it, using the annual event to cultivate her style. Making playful, bold images was an acute departure from her previous avocation, putting her studies in international relations and economics to work in the finance industry, from banking to international pricing for a large corporation before making the leap into publishing.

"I realized that I wanted to do something more creative" Faibyshev says, "and just started trying different things. And photography clicked."

For her work, she uses a simple lighting set-up, relying on natural light or an on-camera flash. The resulting images pop with vibrant colors and tense compositions, presenting a whimsical scene of humanlike dogs and dog-like humans. When she started out, Faibyshev didn’t know what she was looking for, showing up as an outsider and photographing whatever caught her eye. Her annual tryst with the world of Westminster reads like a diary of dog ownership of the most intense kind. “I love the weird Americana of it, and I often look for the like relationship between the handler and the dog because I think it's really funny that the handler is very stressed during the whole situation and the competition, and the dog is just there, doesn't really know what it's doing there, is being primped like a doll. So I like that juxtaposition.”

When asked about how to position herself to capture her images, Faibyshev laughs, “Everywhere.” The photographer circumambulates the event that spans two sites in New York, catching moments as she sees them. “It really, to me, represents the joy of photography.”

Dolly Faibyshev is a freelance photographer based in New York.

Chelsea Matiash is TIME's Deputy Multimedia Editor. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @cmatiash.

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