January 31, 2016 2:46 PM EST

A uniformed law-enforcement officer in the U.K. was mistaken for a male stripper Saturday when he accidentally walked in on a 50th birthday party.

Mike Ober, a police community support officer, told the BBC he was on patrol when he noticed the door to a social club in Wiltshire was propped open and decided to “poke his head” in to investigate. He was shocked to find a group of women who “went wild with excitement” thinking he was the stripper they had ordered for their party.

“The party was about to get started and they thought I was early,” he said. “As I went in, there were loud cheers and someone shouted, ‘Oh, are you the stripogram?’” “I had to beat a hasty retreat,” added Ober, who is in his mid-20s and engaged, according to the BBC.


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