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Apple’s Safari Browser Has Been Crashing for Lots of Users

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If you’ve experienced issues with Apple’s Safari Web browser Wednesday morning, you’re not alone. Multiple reports have indicated that a bug is causing the browser to crash on mobile and desktop devices.

Apple device owners started discussing the problem online early Wednesday morning. One Reddit user with an iPhone 6 said that Safari kept crashing whenever he or she typed in the browser’s search bar. That same thread, which currently includes more than 200 comments, includes responses from many users who have experienced the same problem.

Some have reported the problem on Twitter as well:

An Apple spokesperson said the issue has since been resolved.

Turning off Safari Suggestions seems to have fixed the glitch for many. To do so on your iPhone or iPad, navigate to Settings > Safari > Safari Suggestions. Others suggested browsing in private mode. For that, launch Safari on your iPhone or iPad and tap the “Private” button. On the desktop, you can access this mode by clicking the “File” menu and selecting “New Private Window.”

The problem occurred just days after prank website CrashSafari.com circulated the Web, which reboots a user’s iPhone by overloading Safari’s search bar with a string of text. The two incidents do not seem to be related, however.

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