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You Can Now Livestream From Your GoPro Via Periscope

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It’s now possible to livestream video footage from a GoPro action camera via the Twitter-owned Periscope, the two companies announced Tuesday.

Periscope’s iPhone app will recognize a GoPro once it’s connected to the phone, offering an option to host a live stream from the camera. The feature is limited to those using a HERO4 Black or HERO4 Silver GoPro camera, which cost $499.99 and $399.99 respectively. There is no date yet for the feature to come to Periscope’s Android app.

Switching between your iPhone and GoPro while live streaming is said to be as easy as flipping between the front and rear facing cameras on your phone. Periscope’s trademark hearts and chats will still be visible on your iPhone even while you’re streaming from a GoPro.

The two companies will show off the feature during Wednesday’s X Games snowboarding event.

The GoPro will record in full quality locally on the camera’s SD card while the footage is being broadcast. Periscope is adding a new lock screen switch into its iPhone app that allows you to freeze the phone’s screen so that you can stream from your GoPro while the phone is in your pocket.

Twitter also recently began integrating Periscope live streams into users’ timelines in its iOS app, meaning iPhone users will be able to see live broadcasts filmed on GoPro cameras directly through Twitter.

See What's Inside the GoPro Hero4

The GoPro HERO4 Session (left) compared to a GoPro HERO3 (right).iFixit
The GoPro HERO4 Session is carefully disassembled.iFixit
Removing the side paneling begins to reveal the Session's guts.iFixit
Cracking open the protective casing (don't try this at home) exposes the internal battery.iFixit
The Session's internal battery gives all-day performance, according to several reviews.iFixit
Here we see the tiny technical guts that make an action camera as small as the Session possible.iFixit
The Session sports a 170-degree wide angle lens for getting all the action in the frame.iFixit
The GoPro HERO4 Session entirely dismantled.iFixit

This isn’t the first time GoPro has experimented with mobile live streaming. In 2014, Livestream announced that users would be stream live footage from their GoPro cameras via the app.

The announcement also comes at a critical time for both companies. Earlier this month, GoPro’s stock tumbled after it announced lower-than-expected Q4 earnings. Twitter, Periscope’s parent company, just lost four executives, three of which come from the company’s engineering, product, and media divisions. A collaboration like this allows GoPro users to more easily broadcast content to a larger following, while also putting new types of media content in front of Twitter users to keep them engaged.

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