Three Top Executives Are Leaving Twitter, Reports Say

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The executives in charge of Twitter’s product, engineering, and media divisions are on their way out, according to multiple reports published on Sunday.

Alex Roetter, Twitter’s senior vice president of engineering, Kevin Weil, the company’s senior vice president of product, and Katie Jacobs Stanton, its vice president of global media, are leaving the company, according to reports in the New York Times and technology website Re/code.

Together, that’s three of 10 executives that comprise Twitter’s leadership team.

Twitter is expected to announce their replacements on Monday, according to the reports, in addition to two new board members—one a “high-profile media personality,” according to the Times.

Twitter also is expected to appoint a new chief marketing officer. (The company has not yet responded to the reports.)

The social media company has struggled since co-founder Jack Dorsey became CEO in October 2015, replacing Dick Costolo. Dorsey, who also serves as chief executive of newly public payments company Square, was expected to give the challenged company a stronger sense of vision, particularly with regard to its product.

Thought it has made some changes—it announced “Moments,” an aggregation of thematically similar tweets about current events, a day after Dorsey took the top job—investors continue to penalize the company.

Twitter stock most recently closed at $17.83, down considerably from Dorsey’s first day as CEO ($28.15) and drastically since its first day as a public company in 2013 ($41.65), let alone from its all-time high of $69 two years ago this month. Through it all the company has battled criticism that its service will never see adoption as wide as rival Facebook—.

All three executives—Roetter, Weil, and Stanton—are well-regarded in the industry.

Roetter is responsible for software and hardware engineering, analytics, and operations. He joined Twitter in 2010 and was previously director of engineering at the Laufer Wind Group, which develops radar technology for renewable energy applications.

Weil is responsible for product development and design. He joined Twitter in 2009, led Twitter’s analytics team and later product development for Twitter’s advertising platform. He previously worked at web media startup Cooliris.

Stanton is responsible for Twitter’s partnerships with news, television, sports, music organizations around the world. She joined Twitter in 2010 and ran the group responsible for establishing overseas offices—the UK, Germany, Japan, Brazil, Australia, and India, among others, opened during her watch. Before Twitter she worked for the White House.

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