The 10 Most Popular Vines

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On Jan. 24, Vine celebrates its third birthday, marking three years since Twitter introduced the social network as a new way to share video in six seconds or less.

For the first time, the video-sharing app has rounded up 10 Vines that have racked up the most “loops,” which is how the micro-blogging network tracks views, since its second birthday.

Most of the clips on the list may be familiar to people who spend a lot of time on the Internet. But the most-looped video shows its value as a news-gathering tool: footage taken from inside the Stade de France during the deadly terror attacks in Paris has nearly 330 million views.

Here is the full list:


Twenty-two-year-old Norwegian soccer fan Terje Haavin captured the moment at the State de France in Paris when an explosion could be heard during a match between France and Germany on Nov. 13. That game, attended by the French President François Hollande, was initially targeted by three suicide bombers, and that six-second clip showed the beginning of what would become the worst assault on French soil since World War II. The attacks, coordinated by someone with “close ties” to ISIS leaders, included mass shootings at restaurants and the Bataclan theater, where 90 concert attendees were killed.


Norwegian mechanic Kevin Synnes made one of 2015’s biggest memes when he pressed down on a pile of honking rubber ducks so they’d all make a wailing sound simultaneously. The clip inspired parodies featuring SpongeBob SquarePants and Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep,” while Mythbusters host Adam Savage made a “duck bomb” when he wrapped about 10 of them in a plywood case.



The face that Leonardo DiCaprio made as Lady Gaga walked behind him to accept the Golden Globe for her role in American Horror Story was one of the most viral moments of the awards ceremony. Leo, who also won an award for The Revenant that night, told Entertainment Tonight, “I just didn’t know what was passing me, that’s all!”


On the first day of school, KTLA reporter Courtney Friel asked four-year-old Andrew Macias if he’d miss his mom. The rest is history.


The fastest way to get detention.


Don’t get cocky.


Vine user Jeff Simmons was testing how well his three-year-old nephew could fake excitement about bad birthday presents.


Horseplay almost goes horribly wrong, but at least bean bags cushioned the fall. Wearing a helmet would be a good idea next time, kids.


A rotating foam boom sneaks up on a boy in an inflatable play space during Children’s Day at the Indiana Black Expo Summer Celebration in Indianapolis last summer. The video, shot by an Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis student, Kierra Santillan, also inspired remixes of the footage set to R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” and Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.”


No words.

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