See All the Biggest Instagram Cliches in One Hypnotic Video

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If you’ve looked at your most-liked Instagram photos of 2015, chances are at least a few of them are kinda-sorta cliche. A gorgeous sunset over the Manhattan skyline, perhaps? Your feet surrounded by autumn leaves? An overhead shot of your avocado toast at brunch?

We’re all guilty of posting some Instagram cliches once in a while. This new video from artist Hiérophante compiles some of the most common — and the results are mesmerizing.

“I took advantage of our tendency to be unoriginal on social media to make this animation,” the artist writes on Vimeo. He also points out that he knows other people have made similar videos—”so it seems that making a video about clichés is a cliché too…”

Some of the cliches you’ll see in the video include mirror selfie, legs in bathtubs, people pretending to push over the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and a whole bunch of nail art.

Yup, prepare to feel extremely unoriginal. Or, prepare to roll your eyes at another person attempting to critique social media. Either way.

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