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The sheer amount of movies and television shows available on Netflix can be overwhelming. The service does its best to suggest titles that are relevant to your interests, but sometimes you’re in the mood for a very specific type of program.

As it turns out, there’s a shortcut for Netflix that allows you to do just that. Netflix’s categories are all tagged with a code, and plugging those codes into the end of Netflix’s search URL brings you directly to the page for that genre.

Blog What’s On Netflix claims to have compiled every single Netflix category along with their identifying tags, which Mashable recently unearthed. To access one of these genres, just insert the proper code at the end of the following URL:

Replace the Xs at the end of that URL with whichever string of numbers applies to the genre you’d like to access. To browse through just military documentaries, for instance, you’d plug in the code 4006 for a URL that looks like this:

What’s On Netflix has the full list of codes, which includes thousands of sub-categories divided by genre. Of course, you can find any title available on Netflix by using the app the traditional way. The trick that What’s On Netflix pointed out just allows you to isolate the streaming service’s thousands of sub-genres and view them individually.

“We believe the algorithms which include viewing history gives members the most tailored personalized recommendations,” a Netflix spokesperson said in a comment to TIME.

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