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People Say This Expensive Swiss Watch Is an Apple Ripoff

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The Apple Watch, like any other piece of technology, will eventually be replaced by a newer version that’s faster, more capable, and sleeker. This isn’t the case with mechanical watches, which are designed to last and are often passed down as family heirlooms.

Swiss watch maker H. Moser & Cie is citing the latter as one of the benefits of its new Swiss Alp Watch. The shape and overall design of the Swiss Alp Watch, which H. Moser & Cie says is inspired by today’s smartwatches, very much resembles that of the Apple Watch. The watch face is square with soft, slightly rounded edges just like the casing found on Apple’s smartwatch.

Unlike Apple’s timepiece, however, the Swiss Alp Watch is completely mechanical — it doesn’t come with any “smart” features. Hodinkee, a blog focused on the watchmaking industry, reports that the Swiss Alp costs $24,900. That’s nearly $5,000 more expensive than Apple’s costliest offering.

The Swiss watch company wasn’t shy about taking some swings at the Apple Watch and smartwatches in general. “The Swiss Alp Watch does not allow you to make calls, or send messages to share the latest gossip; it does not give you the option to send beautiful sketches you have created on a two-inch screen or to share your heart rate,” Edouard Meylan, CEO of H. Moser & Cie, said in a press release. “It does much more than that: it lets you reconnect to what matters in life. It takes you back to sharing emotions with your nearest and dearest without a filter, interface or embellishment. Most importantly, it is something you can pass on to your children one day without having to update it!”

H. Moser & Cie’s introduction video even resembles that of an Apple Video:

The watch will be made in limited quantities: only 50 pieces will be available. It’s made of 18 carat white gold and sapphire crystal, with a beige hand-stitched kudu leather strap.

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$75,000 Lux Watch Omni Yellow Gold
$75,000 Lux Watch Omni Yellow GoldBrikk
$70,000 Lux Watch Omni Platinum
$70,000 Lux Watch Omni PlatinumBrikk
$75,000 Omni Yellow Gold
$75,000 Lux Watch Omni Yellow GoldBrikk
(left to right) $13,000 Deluxe Yellow Gold, $75,000 Omni Yellow Gold, $7,500 Standard Yellow Gold
(left to right) $13,000 Lux Watch Deluxe Yellow Gold, $75,000 Lux Watch Omni Yellow Gold, $7,500 Lux Watch Standard Yellow GoldBrikk
$13,000 Deluxe Pink Gold
$13,000 Lux Watch Deluxe Pink GoldBrikk
$13,000 Deluxe Pink Gold
$13,000 Lux Watch Deluxe Pink GoldBrikk
$7,500 Standard Platinum-Black Strap
$7,500 Lux Watch Standard Platinum-Black StrapBrikk

H. Moser & Cie’s latest addition is another example of how Swiss watchmakers are responding to smartwatches. Other companies, like TAG Heuer, have instead opted to create models that resemble their mechanical watches, but incorporate tech-savvy features. The TAG Heuer Connected, which debuted in November, runs on Google’s Android Wear platform and can display notifications.

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